Atlanta’s Number One Business Coach


“Jeff is an amazing business coach. A few months ago, Jeff loaned me a book, (‘The War of Numbers’ by Nick Murray) that changed the trajectory of my business. Jeff, thank you for your professionalism and friendship.”
Joe M.
Atlanta, GA

“I was in dire need of direction for my business, since I was up until a year ago operating it without formal training or guidance. After starting my sessions with Jeff, I noticed a major transformation, not only in how to conduct my business but also in myself. His lessons have been what I needed to guide me into the correct direction and embark on the road to success.”
Verena H.
Fayetteville, GA

“Jeff is a dynamic, engaging speaker who inspires listeners to take action and be intentional about achieving big goals. The credibility that his extensive global sales and leadership experience provided, coupled with vignettes from his own personal journey, quickly engaged and captivated his audience. His message is one that will clearly resonate with business audiences…”
Virginia G.
Atlanta, GA

“Jeff sets clear expectations and then provides the structure and support framework that is the map to success. Jeff is a first class coach, and takes the time to not only outline the skills or training needed, but also follows through to ensure complete understanding as you build the skill itself. Jeff is also a great team builder, and creates an atmosphere that is motivating and enjoyable.”
Doug C.
Toronto, ON

“Jeff was a great personal coach and mentor for me as I grew in my career. He is very patient, well read, and thoroughly enjoys being a coach and mentor!”
Rob V.
San Fransisco, CA

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Jeff in the development of many multi-national business opportunities. Not only was Jeff able to coach me on understanding business opportunities, he was able to assist me in development of my global sales skills. Jeff is a very unique individual who cares about winning, is focused on others and is able to share a wealth of information to help others develop.”
Scott B.
Minneapolis, MN

“Jeff plays a significant role in the lives of future marketing and sales professionals. Jeff is the Chair of the Marketing Advisory Board at Georgia College & State University in the College of Business. He give of his time to share his knowledge of the sales force with the students in my professional selling class. The students report how valuable Jeff’s sales force management and sales knowledge is to them as they continue their education and move into the business world.”
Doreen S.
Milledgeville, GA

“Jeff is a remarkably insightful team member who can break down complex problems and create actionable results. I’ve worked with him for several years and have been impressed with his ability to understand our marketing problems and his ability to not only propose workable solutions, but also to motivate people to achieve our goals.”
Joe S.
Atlanta, GA

“He was personally invested in my success and truly cared about me on an individual level. Jeff’s passion for developing people and strong experience in complex business and sales environments made him someone I turned to regularly for advice and coaching, and he is someone I truly admire.”
Brian W.
Washington D.C.

“One of Jeff’s innate abilities is his ability to listen with intent and help coach with a way forward to the desired outcome. Jeff is very hands on and brings exceptional critical thinking skills, listening skills, business acumen, and a depth of experience to every opportunity.”
Jerry H.
Houston, TX

“Jeff has a strength in mentoring and developing people talent at all levels within the organization. He has a unique skill in deeply understanding the sales process and how to motivate others.”
Jason L.
Columbus, OH

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