05 Jul

Curiosity Killed the Cat…

“Curiosity killed the cat”…is the first part of an expression we all have heard. But we also have heard the second part of that expression, “Satisfaction brought it back!”. Intellectual curiosity is an important trait in people, particularly those running a business. Without a high degree of curiosity, business people can become complacent, even lazy. This can result in a company’s declining performance and having competitors pass them by.

Why else might curiosity be important? In an article on Lifehack by Donald Latumahina, he suggests there are 4 reaons curiosity is important.

First, it makes your mind active instead of passive. Curious people always ask questions and search for answers in their minds. This means their minds are always active.

Second, it makes your mind observant of new ideas. Without curiosity, new ideas may pass right in front of you and yet you miss them because your mind is not prepared to recognize them.

Third, it opens up new worlds and possibilities. By being curious you will be able to see new worlds and possibilities which are normally not visible. It takes a curious mind to look beneath the surface and discover these new worlds and possibilities.

Fourth, it brings excitement into your life. The life of curious people is far from boring. It’s neither dull nor routine. There are always new things that attract their attention, and instead of being bored, curious people have an adventurous life.

So what can we do to cultivate our own intellectual curiosity?

* Keep an open mind. Try not to prejudge anything.

* Continuously question everything. Try to find the real meaning by digging deeper.

* Read diverse books, magazines and posts. Listen to positions other than your own and develop new thinking based on your long held beliefs and your newly found good ideas.

* Try something new every day. Read a different paper. Eat a new ethnic food. Watch a different news outlet. Sieze the opportunity to be surprised!

* Surround yourself with other people who are intellectually curious. Curiosity breeds curiosity and that leads to creativeness and innovation.

Challenge yourself to think of ways you can be more curious in your business. Should you consider adding a new product line? Should you consider trying new sales techniques? Maybe you should think about rebranding your business? REMAIN CURIOUS. And remember, “Curiosity killed the cat…but satisfaction brought it back!’.

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